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What's New at Custom Connections

Late in 2011, Jeff Nelson signed a letter of intent to purchase Starplex CMS, an Oregon company. Starplex is a crowd management company employing 2500 people in five states. The company provides security, dignitary escort, parking services, and crowd control for various venues such as state fairs and large concerts. The purchase is scheduled to close in late March/early April.

Custom Connections has completed a total rewiring of a TA-4J Skyhawk in Marana, AZ. The wiring was part of an extensive restoration, updating the aircraft avionics to corporate jet standards, replacing the original wiring, and integrating modern and original electrical systems.

The Southern California Wing of the Commemorative Air Force has retained Custom Connections to rewire their PBJ, a Marine version of a B-25J. This airplane is the only true PBJ remaining, and is in the process of major restoration.

Custom Connections recently finished a major wiring project on a FlugWerks Fw-190 A-5 replica. This involved designing, building, and installing all the avionics and electrical power systems, making the aircraft IFR capable.

Another A-4 Skyhawk restoration is beginning in Southern Arizona and Custom Connections will participate by integrating modern electrical and avionics systems into the original airframe.

At Custom Connections, we help our customers turn their ideas into reality. We work very closely with them and consider them a vital part of the design process, taking their concepts and ideas from "just a thought" to a finished product. We focus on the end result and will do whatever is necessary to get there.

Custom Connections has rewired many aircraft since our beginning, but thatís just one area of our expertise. Over the years, our industrial group has designed and built specialized equipment and controls ranging from a satellite test station to ultra-pure water facility automation and custom semiconductor deposition equipment. We automate, design, build, or modify to fit the needs of our customers, and if a particular project dictates, other people or companies will be involved to ensure the final result is what is expected.

We focus on making things happen, not on what industry those things may be in. In other words, no matter what your project involves, we can help bring it to life. Because we work in many different industries, we can bring techniques from one to another. For example, some of the ideas and innovations we find in the semiconductor field may have perfect applications in the mining industry. Aircraft, process equipment, automation controls, and even heavy equipment all share some interesting similarities. A process tool may have a small pneumatic valve, whereas a water treatment facility has a very large water valve, but both are controlled in a similar manner. Another point is that all need wiring. Environments, voltages, connectors, codes, and techniques may differ, but there is a lot of overlap. Because aircraft wiring must fulfill very high standards, we use those techniques in every industry we are involved with. All Custom Connections designs include full documentation and use aircraft-style wiring and connectors (unless a particular customer has other preferences).

At Custom Connections, our goal is to insure customer satisfaction and create long term professional relationships.